Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Include Writing Good Solid Content?

Writing good, solid content as a part of your online marketing strategy might sound old school but done properly it is an effective way for long-term success. You have the opportunity to put yourself in front of a lot of different people as there are many places on the internet where you can put written content up. Besides the exposure to people that would have never stumbled upon your website, you’ll also get a backlink to help raise your search engine ranking.Let’s look at a 4 good reasons why you need to consider writing as part of your online marketing strategy:1. You can start a blog as part of your online marketing strategy.A blog is an easy way to get a website up and start to present whatever it is you’re selling. This is on your own web site so you don’t have to worry about approval for anything you are writing. If you have any difficulty writing you need to understand that a blog post can be as short as 150 words and as you continue to write you’ll find you naturally become better at it and you will be writing 300 to 400 words easily.2. You can write articles as a part of your online marketing strategy.Writing articles and submitting them to a few good article directories will accomplish two things; you’ll get a backlink to a web page on your site plus exposure to a new audience. What’s known as the ‘Resource Box’ at the end of the articles allows you to actually lead them back to your site.3. You can do a press release as a part of your online marketing strategy.A press release sounds scary at first but there is a straight forward format for them that is rather simple and there are many good press release sites out there that are free!The best part is your press release will not only get published on the particular site you use but can also get picked up by other sites that are pulling content from news feeds and this includes Google News!4. You can make a guest post as a part of your online marketing strategy.A guest post is merely having a blog post written by you published on someone else’s blog. You’ll get at least one link back to your site as well as again being able to reach a brand new audience.
There are a lot of blogs looking for original content and they don’t always have time to write it on their own. They also don’t want to pay for written content so they are willing to give you a link to your site and this also gives you a chance to get yourself in front of the readers of their blog.Writing good content is really an online marketing strategy that accomplishes two things simultaneously as in most instances you not only get a back link but will also be seen by many new potential customers.While throwing in a keyword phrase for SEO purposes when writing can be somewhat difficult at first, you need to realize how many places on the web you can get your written content on. I have only mentioned a few here but consider the impact writing can have as part of your online marketing strategy.

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